Sandra Wielaert

PhD student

The topic of my research is: 'Introducing Partner Conversation Training in aphasia in The Netherlands; aspects of implementation and candidacy'.
It involves the implementation of a clinical tool called "Partners of Aphasic clients Conversation Training" (PACT, Wielaert & Wilkinson, 2012) in Dutch rehabilitation practice. Engaging a partner of someone with aphasia actively in training is new to Dutch Speech and Language Therapists. PACT, the Dutch adaptation of SPPARC (Lock et al., 2001), was published as a clinical tool providing therapists with a theory driven and standardized approach.
The Implementation of PACT (ImPACT) study aims to look at the uptake of PACT in 10 participating centres, to investigate facilitators and barriers for broader uptake and to investigate the experience of partners with the training.
Assessments carried out with both the people with aphasia and with the partners will provide a closer look at the characteristics of those who benefit from Partner Conversation Training. Interviews with partners will provide details about the experience of partners with PACT.
The research is carried out in Rotterdam, The Netherlands and the PhD is based on a collaboration between Rijndam Rehabilitation Institute and UWE.
Before I set out on my PhD I have been working as a Speech and Language Therapist for the Rijndam Rehabilitation Institute Aphasiateam. In 2011 I finished my MPhil at the University of Manchester.