Involvement in volunteering: an exploration of the personal experience of people with aphasia.

TitleInvolvement in volunteering: an exploration of the personal experience of people with aphasia.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsPearl, G, Sage, KE, Young, A
JournalDisabil Rehabil
Date Published2011

This article reports results from a qualitative study in the U.K. of people with aphasia who have been involved in volunteering. The study describes their experiences; explores, from their perspective, the effects of involvement; and identifies key facilitators and barriers to the successful participation of people with aphasia in community activity. Data were collected by means of 10 individual semi-structured interviews using supported conversation techniques and through a focus group involving five more people. All participants had aphasia following a stroke. Average length of time since stroke for participants in the individual interviews was 5.6 years (range 3-12 years) and for participants in the focus group was 4.6 (range 1-10 years). Results are discussed according to four themes: (i) the effects of the activity on self; (ii) the effects on others; (iii) the effects on organisations hosting the activity and (iv) perceived barriers and facilitators impacting on volunteering. Implications are drawn for the promotion of participatory community activity within the matrix of therapeutic approaches and considered in light of previous studies that have reported the conceptualisations of people with aphasia about their lives and aspirations.

ISSN Number1464-5165
KeywordsAdaptation, Psychological, Adult, Aged, Aphasia, communication, Consumer Participation, Female, focus groups, Humans, Middle Aged, Qualitative research, Social Perception, Social Support, Stroke, Volunteers
Alternate JournalDisabil Rehabil
PubMed ID21859420