Intervention for speech, language and communication impairment: A survey of speech and language therapists

TitleIntervention for speech, language and communication impairment: A survey of speech and language therapists
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsWren, Y, Roulstone, S, Lindsay, G, Bakapoulou, I
Conference NameChild Language Seminar
Date Published06/2011

Recent publications have testified to the range of interventions available for use with children who have speech, language and communication needs (SLCN) (Baker & McLeod, 2010; Williams, McLeod and McCauley, 2010; McCauley & Fey, 2006). Systematic reviews of such interventions show a variable picture in terms of the evidence base for the interventions (Law et al, in preparation). What is unknown however is which interventions are commonly used by UK speech and language therapists (SLT).
The Better Communication Research Programme (BCRP) recently undertook a national survey of SLTs as part of the ‘Mapping Interventions’ workstream. SLTs were alerted to the electronic survey via the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists.
The survey sought to identify which interventions were most commonly used, how they were typically delivered and which outcomes were usually targeted. Respondents were initially asked to identify the most typical child on their caseload. Subsequent questions asked about the types of intervention they delivered for this most typical child. The questions and response options for the survey were based on a series of interviews carried out with senior SLT and education personnel.
The findings from the survey will be reported in terms of the range and frequency of interventions in current use with children in terms of client group, age and setting. In addition, data will be available relating to how those interventions are typically delivered and what outcomes are usually targeted with each type of intervention.