Speech development in typically developing 13 month olds

Evidence suggests that differences in early childhood are associated with later speech and language development. Specifically, patterns of interaction between parents and children have been shown to be associated with language development while very early speech behaviours are linked to later speech outcomes. However, there is currently little research on the role of early language environment on speech development.
The purpose of this pilot study is to examine the relationship between patterns of interaction and early speech output, using LENA(Language Environment Analysis). LENA is small recording device placed into a pocket of a vest worn by the target child,  that comes with accompanying analysis software.
Thirteen month olds and their parents are currently being recruited for this study. Recruited children wear a LENA vest, which records the child and their environment for 16 hours. The LENA software provides counts on the child’s language environment; including the number of child and adult vocalisations as well as conversational turns. This data will be examined in relation to  recordings of the children’s speech (for example, the sounds the children are using, and their babbling patterns).
Recruitment for this study is on going.

NBT Springboard Fund
Project Duration: 
December, 2013 to September, 2014