The Lidcombe Program (LP) in the Community

This study was designed by the research team at the Australian Stuttering Research Centre and has recruited clinicians and children from community and specialist clinics in  Australia, England and, more recently, in Canada. The study aims to find out more about how the LP is used in clinics across the world and also whether these therapists, who do not work closely with the research team, obtain similar results to the expert LP practitioners.
There is published work and anecdotal evidence showing that when specialist Speech & Language Therapists are trained in the LP and experienced in using it then the programme  works in much the same way regardless of geographical location. This study investigates the use and outcomes of the LP with SLTs who have a range of levels of expertise in stammering. Some of the SLT participants see only a few children who stammer and others have highly specialised skills. Some background data has also been collected on the children to see if patterns emerge concerning factors that help or hinder a good therapy outcome.

Forty-five children have been recruited.  Our recruited SLTs have been working under considerable pressure in the last eighteen months and this has affected recruitment and, in some cases, the care pathways that they follow. We now have complete data sets on most of these children and our final data set will be sent to the ASRC research team by the end of April 2013.   At the research unit we were responsible for all of the ethical and R&D approvals for the study, recruitment of SLTs, data compilation, post recruitment data collection and day to day issues as they arise. We also remove all the information that could lead to the data being identified before sending it to Australia for analysis.