Developing General Listening Skills

Nursery and School Age

How to help their speech along

Developing general listening skills

Environmental sounds, instruments

Go on a listening walk
Walk around the house, park, shopping centre with your child and ask them to listen out for the different things they hear – the telephone ringing, the buzz of the fridge, children laughing, the cash register etc
Guess the sound
Collect some household items/ toys which make different sounds – for example a set of keys, a packet of crisps, a mobile phone, a squeaky toy. Hide them with a tea towel so they are hidden from view and make them make the sound – ask you child to guess what’s under the towel.
Noisy and quiet sounds
Challenge you child to produce a sound – e.g. animal noises, aeroplane noise, ticking clock etc but challenge them to do it as quiet or as loudly as they can to introduce them to the way sounds can vary
Click the button and guess what made the sound
Guess which animal is in the box by the sound
Match the animal to the sound